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Amy McGrath has had a very versatile career as an author – writing poetry, plays, musicals, epic novels and  books on electoral politics and certain proteins and sugars in food.

Amy McGrath was attracted to the art of poetry by friends at university, then set out to learn the craft by writing eighty sonnets. Tempted into writing burlesque comic TV scripts for eminent actor, John Bluthal, in early television, she acquired a taste for play writing which brought her into an association with the theatre at a time when drama was undergoing a revolution in the way plays were being staged.

A live-in seminar at the University of New England, organised by the Elizabethan Theatre Trust, led her to found two showcase theatres for new dramatic work. One was the Mews Theatre, seating 60, for play readings in an old coach house in the family backyard in Centennial Park, Sydney. The other was the Australian Theatre, seating 160, in Coronation Hall, Lennox St. Newtown, for public performance. In the 1970’s the Australian Theatre provided flexible staging where many newcomers – actors, directors and writers – could develop their skills including Amy McGrath.

Seven of her own plays, including two musicals – Eldorado and Crusade - were performed or read in these theatres. The first musical was about Sir Walter Raleigh and the second about the Childrens’ Crusade 1212. The Daily Telegraph opera critic, Maria Prerauer, described its 1975 Opera House performance as ‘the best since Super Star.’ A much longer modernised version is to be staged by the St. Andrews Cathedral School, Sydney in 2009.

She has written three epic ‘faction’ novels. Her first, Kublai Khan about the Genghis Khan Empire, briefly outsold Fay Weldon and Robert Ludlum in the 1980’s. Her second, Opium Lords, about the first Opium War in China 1834, did well in Hong Kong in the 1990’s. Her third novel, Satan’s Kingdom, weaves the lives and loves of migrants driven from France, and Ireland by the 1790’s  revolutions through the hardships of early Sydney, until the second revolution of the NSW Corps in 1808 against the Governor.

She also wrote One Man’s Poison on maltose/glucose intolerance which was featured on Good Morning Britain and the 7.30 Report of the Australian Broadcasting Commission plus a sequel on sugars One Man’s Bread, and 4 much-acclaimed books of fraud, forgery and irregularities in elections.

Books of Poems Plays Books
- Human My Race
- Borrow the Spring
- The Towers of Earth
- Australia My Home
- Canberra Home
- Family My Home
- The Chains of Marxian Republics
- Australians All

- Alas, Poor Queen
- This Fatal Island
- Chinese Gordon
- Childrens' Crusade
- This Water's Gold
- Kublai Khan

- Kublai Khan
- Opium Lords
- Satan's Kingdom
- One Man's Poison
- One Man's Food
Voting Fraud:
- Forging of Votes
- Frauding of Votes?
- Frauding of Elections
- Stolen Election

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