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Man is born free and is everywhere in chains
            Rousseau’s Social Contract
Marx’s communism created far heavier chains because they destroy monarchies for republics
          Massacre and mayhem follow      wherever monarchies are destroyed         France, Germany, Russia, China, Vietnam, Romania, Greece, Ethiopia

and many  African states..

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The Chains of Marxian Republics

O for Oath to a King
Oath to a parliament with king sovereign
can never become
oath to a leader playing the king,
parliament dumb.

Oath to a King is swearing to keep
the constitution,
democracy vigilant never asleep
to secret dilution.

Oath to a King as head of the law
means judges apart,
ever clients at parliament’s door
to politicians’ arts.

Oath to a King’s beyond argument,
no rivals to the throne
snatching new crowns for brief government,
Oath that is strong.

Oath without King is full of abstractions
of ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’,
people are fights, people are factions,
rights imposed by might.  

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K for King
Hail to a President instead of a King.
Vote him in by a circus ring –
a tit-for-tat campaign to win,
blow by blow electioneering,
poll by poll ad nauseam,
tug of war not dynastic calm

Welcome a President instead of a King
overturns curbs that hedged him in,
makes way for man’s besetting sin
only fraudulent means will do,
in winning grow by other mens’ fall,
over their bodies army take all.

Once a President instead of a King
then sounds of battle will truly begin,
the best never heard over the din,
the best never likely to wrestle a win.
Dubious heroes of dubious fame
will float too high with ‘President’s’ name.

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