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McGrath family prepare for the1971 launch at the Mews Theatre for playreading new work,   44 Martin Road, Centennial Park. Right to left

Ben Blakeney with the sisters of Kevin Gilbert
aboriginal author of the Cherrypickers in its first performance with an aboriginal cast.

Coronation Hall, Lennox St. Newtown

L to R Irvin Bauer, Stephen Sondheim, Leslie Bricusse, Harold Prince, Marc Wilkinson, Stone Widney, Alan J. Lerner, Teddy Holmes

Plays & Poems
- Alas, Poor Queen - This Fatal Island - Chinese Gordon
- Childrens' Crusade - This Water's Gold - Kublai Khan
- Human My Race - Borrow the Spring - The Towers of Earth - Australia My Home
- Canberra Home - Family My Home - The Chains of Marxian Republics - Australians All

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