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Books on Potential Fraud in Elections
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The Frauding of Votes? - Version1

Author’s Foreword

How did I happen to write this book? By accident. I had written up an old story I knew, about old clashes of arms leading to fraud and forgery in union elections 50 or more years ago. I launched it under the title of The Forging of Votes in April this year. Far from launching myself into the world of old people with old  memories far off-stage from the action of modern political theatre, I found myself precipitated into a new world with new troubled memories very much onstage. This was the new world of recent parliamentary elections. 

  I heard yarns and stories of election rivalries, challenges and rorts. The Blue Mountains Macquarie  electorate, where I had a holiday home, was bedevilled  with electoral melodrama. Nearby electorates were beset with marginal seat crises and firebombing of electoral offices. Character assassination of exceptional vehemence and dubious logic waged against rival candidates. The assassination of John Newman in Cabramatta. New versions of the old vicious left-right war of ALP branch stacking I knew.. 

  Where was the sustained debate on our electoral system that seemed warranted by all these ripples on the surface of our indifference, of my indifference? I, like everyone else, had my head in the stand. I went to the State Library to bone up on fraud and forgery in elections. To my astonishment I found almost nothing. Little in academia. Less in the press. In general a thunderous silence or rejection. Election fraud in Australia? Impossible!  It could not happen here.  

  I found disbelief rife among those who want to believe this New World of ours a Utopia free of the vices of the Old World left behind. The truth is it never has been. It has always been the creation of all manner of refugees, among them terrorists, rebels, recusants, dynastic poachers and rustlers, prisoners but also men who braved the most hostile reaches of this land to transform it into a land admired world-wide.   

  I, the granddaughter of such men., now brave that disbelief with this book The Frauding of Votes; I, affiliated in early years to the ALP, but now of no political party, who cannot be accused of running with the Liberals, Nationals, the League of Rights or  any ‘isms’ such as feminism or fundamentalism. 

  The problems of exposing fraud and corruption in elections are manifold. For example, out of 15,000 multiple or plural votes cast in the 1993 federal election against a name on the roll, the Australian Electoral Commission could find no explanation for 5,000. A few of these admitted the crime. The rest did not. Their votes could not be withdrawn for who would know for which candidates they had been cast? And where were they concentrated – in marginal seats?

  I no longer have illusions about Australia as the Great Democracy in regard to our elections. Our electoral system is currently a dangerous farce, obscured by jargon and whitewashing practice. No democratic country can afford the luxury of an electoral system based wholly on honour and trust. History is replete with lessons of warning. Why do we ignore them?’’

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