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Corrupt Elections
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The Frauding of Elections

By Amy McGrath

This book is a natural successor to her Frauding of Votes?1996 reprinted with a lengthy foreword by Bob Bottom in 2001. She has gained the wide experience, manifest in the book, through the manifold meetings, contacts and advocacy of the H.S.Chapman Socity, founded both in Australia (1996) and the UK (1998) as a result of that book.

She believes the monolith of the three man Australian Electoral Commission has become too powerful, too arbitrary and too convoluted towards the Commonwealth parliament for a body that runs the only electoral roll used throughout the Commonwealth.          

It also evinces strange inconsistencies:

  • It demands fingerprint identification for anyone who enters its head office in Canberra, but gives negative advice for any legislation for identification for enrolment and voting.
  • It declared that it runs fair and free election but never that it runs readily transparent elections.
  • It offers public access to any information but the one most wanted small subdivisional rolls as they used to be in police, stations, courts and libraries everywhere. 
  • It runs a localised system that works well, but works to destroy it for a centralised system that will divorce its management from localised knowledge and supervision.

Behind the masks, our electoral masters wear, hides a system so secretive, malpractice and fraud can prosper. 

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