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Corrupt Elections
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The Stolen Election

According to Frank Hardy, author of Power without Glory,

“My friends were boasting in 1987 they had finally swung the results in a federal election which they had never been able to do before."

Frank Hardy claimed the result had been manipulated in 22 marginal seats in favour of the Australian Labor Party by an inexplicable swing, contrary to the trend of the swing in all safe Labor Party seats. The Coalition won a bigger % of both ordinary, and  two party preferred, votes yet lost the election.


“Why bother to write a book about a 1987 national election in Australia 18 years ago. Because the famous communist author, Frank Hardy, published a compelling fable The Wizard of Oz in 1988, published in a magazine and a book to explain how the ‘result had been reversed’,  because he had been ‘a voice crying in the wilderness’ otherwise.   

Also because a less famous academic, the former Australian Electoral Commissioner Dr. Hughes, wrote an even more fabulous tale in 1998 published in an academic journal, saying such a ‘reversal’ would be ‘an illusive phenomenon' of conspiracy theorists of the H.S. Chapman Society (founded 1996). But Dr. Hughes was not ‘a voice crying in the wilderness’ like Frank Hardy, unless the halls of parliaments and universities are counted as wilderness.   .

Frank Hardy on one side was giving a blueprint of how to steal an election. On the other side Dr. Hughes, and his successors as Electoral Commissioners, were in denial that any such fraud could occur. Indeed I heard Commissioner, Mr. Andy Becker, tell the special 2001 Pyne Inquiry of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters into the devastating electoral frauds in Queensland’s ALP candidate preselections that there was no fraud.   

No epic electoral drama could have been more dramatic in recent politics than 1987. It had all the elements. The vast canvas of a federal election. The Prophet. The Ruler. His Pretorian Guard. The Challenge to the Throne. The Succession of the Rightful Heir. The Battle of the Ballot Boxes. The Master of the Tournament swearing there was no might that was right, no undetected guerrillas. Queensberry rules prevailed in the Making of the Titans. The rightful heir was elected.

So who was right? The ageing communist author from Victoria, Frank Hardy, or the younger left-wing academic out of Queensland University in the new Fortress Australian Electoral Commission, created in Canberra in 1984, Dr. Hughes? May you the reader be the judge. To this end, I have sought to quote many voices in this book rather than merely my own.

I wrote this book not merely because I have been attacked constantly since I began stressing gaping loopholes for fraud in our federal electoral system, that were created by Labor Government ‘reforms’ in 1983-7. but because Frank Hardy’s story is not merely a story with ‘a sting in its tale’. It is an excellent morality story on the fragility of democracy and all legitimate rule, the prevailing theme of many operas and Shakespearian plays. And, as in epics, the real life story generates violence in word and deed – from character assassination to death threats, as I exemplify with just a few, out of many, stories that abound.

NB: This book would never have been written if I had not met a man in 1995 who told me this story but asked me to suppress his name as he has suffered death threats at the time for speaking out, so I refer to him as Mr X in the book.

He was a fellow guest of the free-lance journalist, Simon Davies, exchanging argy-bargy about the peculiarities of the 1987 federal election with Mr.X and the well-known 2GB radio talk-back host, Brian Wilshire, about the many inexplicable features of that election, when Frank Hardy walked in. After hearing what they had to say, he declared: ‘You blokes don’t know what you’re talking about. Some of my friends have been celebrating they have finally swung a federal election by ‘rorting’ the system. That’s something they’ve never been able to do before. The ALP’s been doing it since the 1890’s. They’ve just got more professional at it.’  

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