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The Irish convict rebellion at Rouse Hill in 1804 crushed by Major George Johnston

The arrest of Governer Bligh in January 1808





















Epic Novels
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Satan's Kingdom
ISBN: 978-1-4349-0230-6

An enthralling epic novel on the foundation years of Australia 1789- 1809 created in the upheaval of the French and Irish revolutions, by Amy McGrath. Author of the prior epic novels, Kublai  Khan and Opium Lords.

Kublai Khan, “Enjoyable and readable.” Australian Book Review

Opium Lords, “The author is a born storyteller.” Canberra Times

It’s a story of the  star-crossed love of Patrick, an Irish ‘wild goose’ from Normandy and Isobel, the Comtesse de Laval, of the Breton aristocracy.

They fled one Revolution’s Reign of Terror in France to end up in danger from a lesser Reign of Terror by the New South Wales Corps in Sydney in 1808, when it established a tyrannical two-year republic.

Meanwhile they separately suffered an Irish revolt and a French mutiny and subsequent turmoil in the fragile colony of Sydney.

A sub-plot involves three convict women in the First Fleet to New South Wales – Jenny, Maria and Davinia. Davinia acquired an obsessive hatred for Jenny as she rises to wealth as a ‘huckster’ for MacArthur who Governor King  said ‘would one day set the colony aflame.’

The fortunes of a heroic Governor Bligh, sent out by the British government as the only man who could deal with the N.S.W. Corps after MacArthur did ‘set the colony aflame’, interweave the story.

Satan's Kingdom is available from:
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Local enquiries:
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Satan's Kingdom (2009)

A Satan’s Kingdom was born in France in 1793 when Robespierre sent his King to the guillotine in the name of a republic wherein sovereignty would derive from the will of all the people, thus opening the door to a dictator like Napoleon.

The terrible Reign of Terror and Napoleonic Wars that followed, dominated years of violence, chaos and disruption in France, Britain and Ireland. These were reflected in the tiny, fragile colony of Sydney Australia, four thousand miles from any other Europeans 1789-1810 and the military revolt that created a brief republican dictatorship from 1806-10, known as the Great Rebellion.

The story begins in Worcester England May 13 1786:

‘I will not scream or faint, Jenny Inett told herself as the Worcester Sheriff’s Officer ordered her to rise in the dock. She knew the indifferent judge would pronounce her guilty. Her trial had gone badly. No witness to refute the lies of her employed, Mr. Scholes. No character reference. Her dignity was all she had left. She did not want to lose it for the empty satisfaction of abusing the judge who had to administer the law as it stood and clearly found no joy in it.

The dreaded words came in his world-weary voice. “Death for robbery, commuted to seven years’ transportation to Botany Bay.’ Her face was a stolid blank, her shoulders straight, her air indifferent. As if at a great distance she heard a man in the gallery condemn her to his friend. “A hardened hussy, if ever I saw one.”

He would, of course. Men were all the same. They saw a girl in the world alone as fair game to be treated with no more honour or scruple than a prostitute, as she had learned to her bitter cost.

She could blame no one but herself. Her father had tried to warn her with tales of girls in trouble in the town. She had not listened. She had convinced herself she would be safe and told herself employment in a mantle workshop would be different from domestic service. Her father had been right. Her employer, Mr. Scholes, had been no better than any head of a household tampering with his maids.

Mr Scholes had found excuses to bend over her as she worked at the long workbench, to brush against her, to put his arm around her shoulders if he caught her in the findings room alone. She scarcely knew what to do or how to deal with the knowing glances and sly remarks of the other girls. She had drifted, believing her stiff resistance would discourage him.

She had been far too naïve or she would never have agreed to work back after the other girls had left. An urgent order, he said. The only urgency was his own. Scarcely had the other girls gone than she felt his grip on her arm, his tobacco-stale breath on her cheek. She looked up, horrified to see nothing but mindless, insensate lust in his lascivious gaze and flushed face.

Here she was, alone beyond any help with a man far stronger than herself. No one to hear her cries. She had to outwit him or she was lost. She jumped up, mantle in hand, twisted herself from his grasp as she swore to return, then rushed swiftly down the stairs as if the devil himself was at her heels.

He took a terrible revenge. The police came next morning, accusing her of stealing the mantle………

It was her father who saved her reason when he came to visit her in prison. ‘If the world’s done you an injustice, my girl, laugh in its face and it won’t be able to hurt you.’ Yet her father had more reason for angry resentment than most. He had been chained to a wheelchair since a prize bull had broken loose and gored him. He had never walked again. Well, she would walk free in time as he, in his wheelchair, would never do.

Remembering this, she stepped down from the dock with an ironical smile on her face, bowing almost in gratitude to the astonished judge. She had wanted adventure. Well, she had it. She might even be able to turn it to her advantage. Now the worst had happened; after all, she could only go up in the world.”
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